About Our Chapter

Currently the NCL, Inc. Fullerton Chapter has 210 members from Fullerton and surrounding Orange County neighborhoods. Mothers and Daughters are grouped by school year classes. Most start in 7th grade and then serve through their senior year in high school. We provide hands-on volunteer service for 24 philanthropic organizations located in Fullerton and contribute 6,150 hours to our local community each year.

Our Chapter comes together as a whole several times during the year. Our Philanthropy Festival in June is an opportunity for our members to learn about the philanthropies our chapter serves, and to work together on various projects. They sign up for a variety of service opportunities throughout the year.

In the Fall we kick off with a social event for Patronesses and their spouses and a Mother Daughter educational event. Each December we host our Chapter-wide Annual Holiday Tea – dressed in our Holiday finest.

In January, we participate in our National Philanthropy Initiative where our Chapters across the nation work on a philanthropy project benefitting the organization.

Leadership is learned through member involvement and job experience in NCL. Mothers model leadership in their NCL jobs, and Ticktockers learn valuable leadership skills throughout the year by participating in their meetings, activities, event planning, record keeping, managing finances, and other responsibilities. Ticktockers and Patronesses meet once a month from September to June with several smaller workgroup meetings through the year depending on the nature of their leadership roles.

March is our annual Fashion Show fundraising event – the entire chapter comes together and plans this amazing event.

Each spring, we come together to celebrate our hard work and accomplishments at our annual Recognition Celebration and Awards, which is a time-honored tradition of all National Charity League chapters. Additionally, our graduating Senior Ticktocker class is recognized in June at our annual Senior Recognition event.

Other cultural opportunities such as plays, ballet performances, museum excursions, and various other social opportunities are offered as well.